Ronald Brown Quoted in Recent Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions Program Email

In a recent email sent by Charitable Giving Resource Center titled A Free Charitable Gift Annuity Program Available to any U.S. Nonprofit Organization, a quote by Ronald Brown of Planned Giving Design Center was utilized, but not properly acknowledged. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Brown’s writing in the below paragraph. We apologize for this error.

“A gentleman by the name of John Trumbull offered paintings of the American Revolution to Yale University in exchange for a life annuity. Unfortunately, Yale had no money to construct the world’s first college art gallery or to make annuity payments to Trumbull. Benjamin Silliman and others worked for 18 months to invent gift annuity agreements, arrange public and private financing, and overcome donor relations challenges. They made it work – and we can benefit from their efforts. Not only from glorious college art collections, but also from gift planning innovations by Silliman and New York Attorney Peter Augustus Jay!” – Ronald Brown, Planned Giving Design Center

Benjamin Silliman: The Gift Planner Behind the First Modern Charitable Annuity, Part 1 of 3

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