Heritage Planning for Nonprofit Donors Webinar || March 22 @ 12/noon

Program Description: —— Recorded Webinar Available

A transformational gift is a philanthropic donation that has as big an impact on the donor as it does the charity. Every donor has core values. If you ask them to share those values, most cannot articulate their deepest values, the absolutes in their life. If you want to transform a donor into a philanthropist, the nonprofit has to help the donor to identify and to articulate their core values. Wayne Johnson, Certified Heritage Professional (CHP), will share how your donors can have a big impact for many years. *Available Online and In-person

Date: Thursday, 3/22nd

Topic: Heritage Planning for Nonprofit Donors

Speaker: Wayne Johnson, CHP

Time: 12/noon – 1:00 p.m. CDT

Attendance Options:

    #1: @ CGRC* and have the opportunity to network with others after the webinar

    #2: LIVE Webinar Register Now!


*RSVP:  Let us know if you are joining us at the office to ensure that we have plenty of snacks and beverages for all. You are welcome to bring your lunch with you. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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